Ferndale Radio

Ferndale Radio
Release Date
March 31, 2018

Ferndale Radio

    Here’s my first (and last) show for Ferndale Radio, a community radio station just outside of Detroit. Aired March 31, 2018.

    01. “Girls Are Out To Get You” by Fascinations
    02. “Baby Drop A Dime” by Inez & Charlie Foxx
    03. “Your Precious Love” by Ray Agee
    04. “Let Me Be Your Boy” by Wilson Pickett
    05. “If You Don’t Think” by Tammy Montgomery
    06. “Nobody Loves Me Like My Baby” by Jimmy Gilford
    07. “Walk A Little Faster” by Fred Parris & The Restless Hearts
    08. “Please Love Me” by Judee Persia
    09. “Please Forgive Me” by Du-Ettes
    10. “Que Sera, Sera” by The High Keyes
    11. “You’re The Boss” by LaVern Baker & Jimmy Ricks
    12. “I Wanna Be Loved” by Dean & Jean
    13. “Why Did You Leave Me” by Johnny & Jon
    14. “Let Go, Baby” by Jim & Lee
    15. “Never Love A Robin” by Barbara & Brenda
    16. “It’s Not Fair” by Unrelated Segments
    17. “I Don’t Need No Doctor” by Ray Charles
    18. “Once I Had A Love” by The Fabulous Denos
    19. “All I Want To Do Is Run” by The Elektras
    20. “Roamin’ Heart” by The Chell-Mars
    21. “One Stop” by The Fortune Bravos
    22. “Workin’ For My Baby” by Gary U.S. Bonds
    23. “Rain, Rain, Rain” by Tennyson Stephens
    24. “Stand By Me” by Little Eva
    25. “The Right One” by Dolly & The Fashions
    26. “Some Tears Fall Dry” by Metrogene Myles
    27. “Disillusioned” by The Tams
    28. “If You Want My Love” by The Exciters
    29. “Did I Hear You Right” by Edie & The Channels
    30. “Eyes” by The Earls
    31. “I Gotta Know” by The Tonettes
    32. “Misery” by The Soul Four
    33. “You Can Make It If You Try” by Yvonne Fair
    34. “Yeah, Since You Went Away” by The Five Fabulous Demons
    35. “How Could I Help But Love You” by Aaron Neville
    36. “Lah-Tee Lah-Tah” by The Falcons
    37. “How Many More Times” by The Robins
    38. “Hey There, Hey There” by The Gypsies
    39. “Tears” by The Clervers
    40. “Dance What You Wanna” by George E. Lee
    41. “Black Night” by Charles Brown

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