Spoiler for the rest of this story: We HIGHLY recommend Soul Deep. We could not be happier about how things turned out and are so thankful that Mike was a part of our wedding.

The specifics: We had 2 major fears with the music for our wedding: [Concern 1] We'd end up with a total wedding DJ stereotype–Guy Fieri, Wedding DJ edition, playing all the stupid wedding standards. [Concern 2] Even if we did have great music, none of our guests would dance.

My musician husband was adamant about a live band but after having to rule that out (venue/space/budget/general riskiness), vinyl seemed like the next best bet. After finding Mike, and a few interactions, it was clear that Concern 1 was a non-issue. We instantly felt like we could trust Mike–he just "gets it" and was on the same page as us at every step.

Now for Concern 2. Overall, our friends/families are notoriously not very dance-y. Despite that, it's easy to say that Mike brought it out of folks. I still really cannot believe the response to the music selections (evidenced by dancing and numerous compliments)–from guests of all ages and walks. We had the best time and loved every song he played / choice he made. Love how eclectic the playlist was, but also it felt cohesive and very "Us". Several of our best memories of the wedding are music/dance-floor-related. And–My husband has no regrets about not having a live band.

Mike's the whole package–Reliable, authentic and talented. One of our guests said it best: He's set the bar very high for all upcoming weddings!

Misha Waclawski

My husband and I have a deep appreciation for music. We knew that top 40 music and traditional wedding dances would not be a part of our wedding day. After experiencing a soul music DJ set one cold New Year's Eve in Chicago, we thought it would be awesome to create a similar experience at our wedding reception. With a bit of searching, we found Soul Deep. Having the right music at our wedding was very important to us, and we booked Soul Deep shortly after securing a date. We had an amazing experience working with Mike. We met with him and he instantly understood what we were looking for — to create a fun atmosphere for all our guests. His music provided the perfect fit for our party! Everyone commented on the music and guests of all ages enjoyed the selection. I danced all night. If we could do it all again, we wouldn't change a thing. If you want a great music experience that you and your guests will talk about long after the wedding day, then you should definitely book Soul Deep for your wedding!

Stefanie Deeds

We can't say enough positive things about our experience with Mike (Soul Deep) at our recent wedding. Mike provided DJ services for both our ceremony and reception and everything went as smooth as can be. Finding a DJ that spins real-deal vinyl in an age of iPad DJs is difficult enough on its own, so finding one with Mike's musical taste, knowledge, and depth of offering with the touch of knowing what to play and when to play it, was a godsend. We danced all night and the music will always be one of the most memorable aspects of our wedding. Compliments on the music came from from aunts, uncles, friends, our parents, even the reverend. We felt incredibly lucky to find, and incredibly glad we chose Soul Deep to command the dance floor for our big day.

Andy Martin

We decided pretty early in our wedding planning that there were three things that we wouldn’t skimp on: Food, Booze, and Music. The first two were easy. We found a restaurant we liked and rented it out for the night. Perfect. I won’t lie tracking down the third was a little more tricky. We’d both been to weddings that, while beautiful and full of friends, were boring and done early because the music left a whole lot to be desired.

When looking for a wedding DJ we had some rules: 1. No Chicken Dance, Hustle, anything that involved synchronized dancing, 2. We wanted to be in charge of the music, 3. Only Soul and Motown, and maybe a few other crowd-pleasers (The Boss, Jawbreaker, etc.). Not a lot of wedding DJs are into following these rules and much fewer even had what we wanted to hear. A friend suggested Mike and after meeting to discuss what we were going for we were satisfied that we had found the right person for the job. Mike created a playlist that was perfectly tailored to the cocktail hour, flowed perfectly into dinner and then got everyone up and dancing (even a 90-year-old aunt) until the end of the night.

Planning a wedding can be a lot of work and it was really nice not to have worry about a really important part of our wedding. Mike was set up and ready to go when we arrived at the venue, he had contacted the venue himself and didn’t need any direction from us the day of. It was perfect. We couldn’t have hoped for a better experience.

Tina Dykehouse

I'm picky about my music, so when my fiance and I started planning our wedding, I knew we had to find a unique DJ. We found Mike on the web, listened to a few streams and caught him live at Soul Deep and then we were sold. Mike knows his soul and R&B incredibly well, making the set not just fun to listen and dance to, but really refreshing since you will hear many new tracks. For our wedding, he was also more than accommodating to our requests that fell outside the genre. I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again for another event.

Christopher Peplin

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Dutkewych on numerous occasions. As a manager and promoter of cultural events in the city of Detroit, I have always been happy to employ Mike as a featured disk jockey and entertainer. For several years, I have partnered with groups like the Detroit Institute of Arts, the City of Detroit, the Midtown Group and many festivals and clubs in and around the Metro Detroit area. As band manager and promoter, I have always felt confident in relying on Mike to be on time, behave professionally, and, most importantly, ROCK the house. Mike has a great ability to connect with an audience via his hip and accessible record collection. Moreover, Mike is adept at promoting his events, and he is always able to bring in his own crowd. Always a plus for an establishment looking to increase their bottom line.

Adam Stanfel
Detroit Event Promoter

When it comes to Soul and R&B music, Soul Deep should be the name that comes to mind. I had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Mike through a couple different avenues. First as a bartender for his Downriver-famed Soul Deep Sunday, and later as the manager for an upscale martini lounge in Downtown Detroit.

As a manager, you are always looking for something to distinguish your bar from the rest, and Mike and his vast library of Soul and R&B was the answer to this. What better venue to play the greats than a classy, art-deco skyscraper in the heart of Motown? Mike was always professional and on time, arriving early enough to lug his crates and crates of records (yes you read that correctly, actual records) into the bar. He is extremely knowledgeable and was able to interact with the guests wonderfully. Every time Mike begins to play, a bug gets into everyone and soon enough the whole bar is dancing and having a great time.

I have nothing but good things to say about Mike and his abilities as a DJ. If you ever get the opportunity to work with him, take it. You will be sorry if you don't!

Jennifer Harper
Skybar Detroit

As an event coordinator, one of the most important and difficult details to coordinate is the music. Networking events can be awkward to attend and music can play a pivotal role in easing conversation. Mike did an amazing job reading the crowd over the duration of the event, playing a set that appealed to a diverse audience. I’d happily hire Mike again for any professional or social event, assured that music wouldn’t be something I’d have to worry about.

Colleen Hill
AIGA Detroit

After seeing Mike perform at a few soul parties, I hired him to DJ a four-hour outdoor family event sponsored by our local school district. Attendance was over 500, and he did a great job of keeping up a positive vibe and interacting with some of the kids. He was professional, punctual and flexible (as some of our scheduling changed late-notice). Definitely recommended. Thank you!

Phil Leslie
Hamtramck Drug-Free Community Coalition

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